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(1) 总述

随着因特网技术出现(with the advent of the Internet technology),全球信息化(global information)及信息高速公路(the information superhighway)走入人们的视线。许多科技的创新(innovation),例如交流工具(communication tool)、电信(telecommunication)等,重新塑造我们的生活(reshape our life,改变了生活方式。通讯工具具有方便快捷(convenient and efficient)的特点,便于人们处理紧急事情(deal with emergencies)、加速生活节奏(accelerate/ speed up the pace of life)的同时、拉近了人们之间的距离(shorten the distance between people)。

(2) 手机

手机作为现代化的交流工具(communication tool)的出现,使人们能够与人交往(communicate with somebody)过程中,克服地域的障碍(overcome geographical barrier,但是人们是否过度依赖手机的现象(overly-dependent on mobile phones)。

(3) 电视

从电视节目上,因其有趣(interesting)、有教育意义的(instructive),并使我们消息灵通(keep us informed)我们能了解到的资讯有:最新的消息(the latest news);大量的电视报道(massive television coverage);了解国内外发生的一切(learn what is happening at home and abroad);电视也是我们的一种休闲娱乐方式(a way of entertainment) 。


(4) 电脑

广泛使用计算机(a widespread use of computers),由于其功能( marvelous functions)和准确性 (accuracy),能使人们快速地完成任务(accomplish the task perfectly),提高了工作工作效率(achieve the high efficiency)negative points:大量的新闻报道过青少年上瘾(be addicted to/ indulge in),沉浸在电脑游戏(be preoccupied with computer games),正因为如此,他们往往忽视户外活动(neglect/ ignore outdoor activities)并与外界隔离(be isolated from the outside world);结果变得不善交际的(unsociable)、近视(near-sighted)、使人变得更加被动(make people more passive)、接触不良信息(be exposed to some negative information)误导青少年(misguide teenagers)。


With the fast pace of globalization, the whole world has become a global village with combinationof different cultures. What are the reasons for losing a variety of languages and cultures? Think of some solution to alleviatethe problem.

(Sample 1)

The progression of globalization is inevitableand undeniable. It has been widely noted that many of the world’s languages and cultures are dying out. To seek the solution, we should take a closer look at the causes first.

Most important of all is the objective reason. The essenceof globalization is commercializationand centralization. It is convenientin communication that some prevalentlanguages and cultures have its predominance, which makes superior of the senior and inferiorityof the junior. That leads to deteriorationof some minors. These languages and cultures will be overlooked and devalued until they completely die out.

As concaveand convexsides of a nutshell, it has subjective reason. With the burgeoning of some VIPs, many migrants have swarmedinto the dreamlands due to economic drive and stimulation, meanwhile engaged in local culture perspective and discarding their native languages and cultures as a ‘betrayal’.

Hence this is a problem which must be solved as soon as possible. We should remind the world of versatilityof the minor cultures through popular media such as music, artifacts or historical heritage, thus renovatingthe music festivals artistic activities and museums. In addition, let more people, especially the young men, use their own language.

Never tiring, never yielding, never finishing. We make the purpose, to prevent losing world’s cultural and linguisticdiversity. “This way a long, tapering, strip of bark can be peeled up to the length of the tree, leaving the tree to heal and continue to grow,” says the United Nations Environment Programme Report.

(Sample 2)

With the pacing the world, globalization is no longer a myth. Nowadays, it is growing at a terrificspeed. Each country has combined to be a global village. Languages and cultures are penetratingeach other and we are losing a variety of them. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

The first reason can be seen is that the great flow of migration. Globalization has helped open the world’s borders, permitting more and more people in small countries to immigrate to other big countries. As the need of working and living, they have to mix new culture with their own culture and use the new language more often. Gradually, they lose their own custom.

The development of technology and economy, however, is the most important factor. The high-tech products in developed countries possess a leading position in the international market due to the globalization. Almost all the people in the world are enjoying the benefits of these products are more multinational corporations are emerging. This is not only a high-tech penetrationbut also a cultural invasion. People begin to be interested in these developed countries in an earlier age. They learn the language and culture of these countries, which will aid them to find a good job in the multinational corporations.

To alleviate the dilemma, the following suggestions should be taken into consideration. In each country, a variety of cultural festivals should be held at a regular time such as poem or music festivals. Through this way, the traditional culture will be kept from generation to generation. Government should pose the consciousnessof preserving traditional culture for inhabitants.

In the final analysis, we should keep our own language and culture with the fast pace of globalization.



Life, we all have, but what does it mean?

Life is a miracle. An ugly caterpillar is so humble, no attention, but after a long, painful transformation, will become a beautiful butterfly, when it crawled from the cocoon for a moment in the butterfly, it is full of wonders.

Life is hard work. A flower bloom, people only care about it open at the time of beauty, almost no one to think about it before flowering efforts, from a common, ordinary seed, long a seedling bloom again, it took much effort ah! Every drop of water, every ray of sunshine, every chance it to seize, constantly struggle, let oneself grow up. Flowers bloom, there are many stories behind the struggle.

Life is tough. The grass, in the crevices of the rocks, and on the side of the road, has its shadow. No matter how small their life, it should tenaciously live, even without the gardener's care, it is still healthy and strong growth. The grass, with green to show the strong people.

Life is persistent. When the moth caught it, in order to protect their own life, will try to escape, although it may fail, but still want to struggle, dedication to seize every hope, never give up until the last, this is the tenacity of life.



In some countries, people who commit less serious crimes are made to undertake community service* instead of a prison sentence. Some people believe that all people who have committed a crime should be sent to prison.

Do you agree or disagree?

*compulsory work helping the community, such as decorating public facilities, which they must carry out in their spare time for a given period.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

There are certain situations in which the law has been broken where it is more appropriate to sentence the guilty party to community service rather than time in jail as the following essay explains.

Firstly, the penal system in many countries is under pressure. In many cultures, crime rates are increasing, exacerbating this problem. Funding of correctional institutions is expensive and many believe that money spent would be better utilised in other areas, such as healthcare. It would be unacceptable for some criminals who pose a risk to society, such as murderers, to retain their freedom; however, demands on the prison system can be eased if minor criminals, shoplifters for example, are punished in a different fashion.

Community service is a viable alternative to a prison sentence, not only to ease the financial burden of a country’s crime and punishment system, but also because while offenders are punished by having to sacrifice their free time, they also make a contribution to society. For example, if community service involved renovation of a youth centre in a deprived area, the local people could benefit enormously and costs of providing the facility would be decreased due to the free labour provided by those carrying out community service.

Admittedly, prison sentences for all crimes could reduce the incidence of crime over the long-term; however, many offenders may not be discouraged from breaking the law regardless of potential punishment as they may believe that they will never actually be caught.

To summarise, though prison sentences for all crimes could reduce the number of offences, there are stronger arguments for not imprisoning all offenders.


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